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Happy New Year! Now that we have a new year upon us and a new decade,   we have a fresh opportunity to recharge, reorganize, and to map out the goals and results we expect to achieve in 2010.

Every year the days are going by FASTER and FASTER.  Before you know it, another 5, 10, 14 more years will fly by us in a blink of an eye.  So my question is ARE you where you NEED to be—financially, healthy/fit, and relationship?  Are you happy with your results from last year?

Maybe you accomplished everything you set out do and even EXCEEDED your expectations… Congratulations- you are at the top of your game!!   But, for those of you who fell short of your goals, what was holding you back?  Did you have an action plan, but didn’t follow through?  Did your own fear of the unknown get in the way?

It is so easy to stay within your comfort zone and to continue on status quo.   I find it interesting when I see friends whom I haven’t seen in a while, and I ask what’s new?  And their response is “nothing new”.    I ask why?  Everyday should be a new experience and we should seek new ways to evolve.

If you are feeling stagnant and that you have NOT yet taking those GIANT steps forward, that is okay.    It is a New Year and now is the time to break old habits and rewire new patterns that foster growth and measurable results.

Here are some core elements to apply as you do ANYTHING.  If you will do this then you are setting yourself up for massive success.

1.  Clarity/ focus: You must cut through all the noise and stay focused on your goals.  Get crystal clear on what you want to accomplish and then ask WHY (motivation).  It is the why that will help you stay focused.   For example, if you want to make more money this year than ask yourself  WHY.   Is the driving force to pay your kids increasingly expensive college tuition?

Once you have clarity, you will attract the outcome you desire

2.  Decisiveness: Life is moving at lightning speed.   You are missing opportunities if you can’t make a decision fast enough.    Figure out what is holding you back from making a fast decision.  Is it fear based?  Make a list and write down 10 pros and 10 cons, then assign a weight value on each.   Does it feel right?  Go with your gut and insight.  But don’t wait. There is no time for indecision to be successful.

3.  Speed of Implementation: Just get started.  Once you have an idea or goal, act on it fast. Studies have shown that the common denominator for all highly successful people is  their speed of Implementation.  Don’t worry about making mistakes- you are going to.   Those mistakes will accelerate your learning and put you on the fast track for success.

4.  Discipline: Create a structured schedule for yourself and adhere to it.  Get in the habit of following a daily ritual that allows for new productive patterns to develop.   For example, my morning daily ritual is to get up by 5:00 AM, drink an 8 oz glass of water (to rehydrate from sleep), eat fruit, and then go for a training run or bike ride.  Come back, shower, get centered, and begin my day around 8:30 AM.

As you work throughout the day, be sure to focus intensely for 90 minutes at a time and then take a mental break and repeat the process.

5.  Massive Action: I was in California recently at Eben Pagan Mastermind marketing summit and I will NEVER forget when I was in the car with my friends Katie Freiling and Jonathan Budd, both making things happen in a big way.   Jonathan is in his mid- twenties and is massively successful (has a company with 70 employees and is preparing to launch a new company).

I asked him what made him so successful.   I just listened to him in silence as he gave a hugely passionate speech about taking MASSIVE ACTION- that is his secret.   I wish I had it recorded so everyone could be inspired.   The bottom line is Jonathan is took massive action every minute of the day as he was first getting started…– and figured things  out along the way.

So the purpose here is to get started no matter even when you don’t know the” HOW “yet.  If you don’t take action now, you will just sit in limbo and never reach your full potential.

6.  Consistency: If you expect to see results in anything you do, you must be consistent.  For example, if you want to grow your business through referrals, you need to regularly get out there and network and build relationships with those people in your sphere of influence.  This alone can make a huge impact in generating new business.

I started a local networking group with local professionals and business owners.   We meet consistently every Wednesday night at a trendy restaurant for structured networking followed by drinks and appetizers by the bar.  Those who have been meeting consistently and building strong alliances have by far have seen the most results through a constant flow of new referrals.   Consistency is the key ingredient.

7.  Accountability/ Support:   One of the best ways to make sure you are on track with your goals is to create accountability.   Often times it is not enough to just write down your goals.   If you tell someone (your spouse, colleague, business partner), you are much more likely to hold yourself accountable because you don’t risk being embarrassed or having to explain that you didn’t follow through.

I recommend that you form your own peer support group with like minded people who are also committed to success and accelerated growth.   Every week you check-in and meet with your partner to and exchange your weekly goals.   You and your partner (s) will support hold each other accountable.

Bonus Principle

* Mindset: In my opinion the key to long term success is having a positive mindset.   Have you ever noticed how those people who are constantly negative tend to always have drama or crisis in their lives?  On the other hand, positive people are always attracting success.   This is the law of attraction.   We create our own realities by our thoughts and the actions we take. The energy that you give to the world will be returned back you, magnified.

The mindset is everything so train your mind to focus, think, and act in positively, and you will lead a path of long term success and fulfillment.

I hope you are ready to apply these core principles into your daily routine and sky rocket into new levels of success in 2010.   If you are applying any of these principles (or others) in your life, please share with us how it is helping you by commenting below.    We would love to hear your success.

To Your Success,


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