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The question is no longer, Are you using Social Media to market your business? It’s, How smart and effective is your Social Media strategy?

If you do not have a targeted Social Media plan in place or if you are just dabbling in social Media with no purpose or clear strategy, you are missing out on massive opportunities that could transform your business … and they are sitting right in front of you.

If you’re like most people, you know that social marketing is an essential component to the growth of your business, but you may feel completely overwhelmed, confused, or even lost when it comes to actually implementing it.

This is so understandable! Social Media is changing so fast. New things are thrown at us every day and it truly is nearly impossible to keep up!  Unless this is your specialty, you just don’t have the time to figure it all out on your own.

The reality is that your competitors, clients, and prospects have already caught on to the social media movement and are surging ahead, passing you by as your business remains stagnant or possibly treading water because you are still stuck on ways to get started.

Imagine making a few simple shifts in your business…and, over the next several months, having a thriving business—where customers seek you out because they want to do business with you.

Would you like to get hundreds of new customers without spending a lot of your time and money– just by word of mouth…from people who already know, like, and trust you?

What about your very own social media road map that cuts through all the noise and gets results for you—no question. Would you like that?

Who wouldn’t, right? Well, it is completely within your grasp—no matter how shaky your social media foundation is right now.

The Solution:

You can now gain access to my exclusive, free, 3-part Social Media Triathlon video series that will literally catapult your business to unchartered levels of success–if you follow its training.

In this series, I give you the most comprehensive training on the big three social networking sites: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  It has everything you need to know to start generating  results.

I give you soup-to-nuts instruction on the basics of getting started all the way through implementing a strategy for building a powerful business.

Over the past couple of months, I have gone to extremes to synthesize an extraordinary amount of information that would make anyone’s head spin… and distill it into digestible chunks so you can understand it and take action now. The most techno-phobic business owner can get this!!

I truly am so excited to share this training series with you because I know how much it will help transform your business.  As you get to know me, you’ll realize that I give 100 % to everything I do and with purpose.  That’s how I’ve managed to race in Ironman triathlons and qualify to compete in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii

This 3-part Social Media triathlon series is no different.

Special “Live” Bonus presentation with LinkedIn expert, Lewis Howes, shows how to build 6-figure income using Linkedin

I have to say, I REALLY raised the bar with the special LinkedIn presentation you get. LinkedIn expert, Lewis Howes, agreed to provide an EXCLUSIVE training just for my audience alone and I have to say, this is truly a special gift! I am not kidding when I say there is a waiting list of those wanting to hear how he built a 6-figure income using LinkedIn alone… and how you can too!  I can assure you he doesn’t hold back any information!

How This Social Media Triathlon Series Directly Helps You

Here are a few highlights from the training. Learn:

Twitter Domination:

  • How to build a powerful network by capitalizing on the 100 million-plus Twitter users so you establish yourself as an authority in your field;
  • How to avoid the top 10 Mistakes rookies on Twitter make that cost you business;
  • How to use Twitter to drive massive traffic to your website and increase lead generation and sales;
  • Five specific tools to manage and automate your business on Twitter without spending more time and money;
  • How to get your people to spread your business through word of mouth marketing
  • How to set up and optimize your profile and craft a killer bio, using key-rich words for brand positioning;
  • How to build your credibility and reputation by becoming an editorial source;
  • How to create and use Twitter Lists to connect with your top influential people
  • How to get started today with an action plan so you start seeing results

Facebook Marketing Goldmine:

  • Learn how to leverage the largest social networking site in the world—with 500 million other users;
  • Understand the social media mindset and see how knowing this will accelerate your success and separate you from the pack;
  • Learn how to capitalize on the latest changes on Facebook, which are fundamentally transforming how we communicate on the internet;
  • Get the most up-to-date, cutting edge information that most people don’t know for converting prospects to customers;
  • Learn to create and maximize your profile the right way, using key-rich words so you get noticed and increase your search engine rankings;
  • Distinguish the difference between personal profile, groups, and fan page and why having a fan page is essential… and why there is no more reason to have groups;
  • Learn the 7 specific steps to setting up a compelling fan page so you can start getting results today;
  • Learn 13 specific ways to promote your fan page that will result in exponential growth of your fan base
  • Learn how to add friends the right way so you build lasting relationships that may turn into customers and/ or strategic partners;
  • Learn how to use Facebook “applications” to customize your fan page that will drive more traffic back to your site;
  • Learn how to manage your network by creating “friends lists” so you stay focused, organized and on the radar of the top of the most important people;
  • Understand the importance of the news feeds and the psychological impact it has own buying decisions and how you can benefit;
  • Learn why the new “Like” Button alone can put cash in your pocket through the power of social proof
  • How to filter out the noise in the newsfeeds–especially vital once you build a large network;
  • Discover where to look for premium content that no one else is doing to strengthen your brand–so people keep coming back for more;
  • Discover what Facebook’s new open “Social Graph” is and what it means for your business–hint:  it has everything to do with your bottom line;
  • How to get started now with an action plan so you start seeing results today.

Mastering LinkedIn:

  • Get an exclusive training with speaker, author, and top LinkedIn expert, Lewis Howes, on LinkedIn- the largest professional network site in the world;
  • Learn how to position yourself as an expert on LinkedIn and build a 6-figure income from LinkedIn alone;
  • Learn how to get at the top of Google’s search-engine rankings by optimizing your profile using key words in 5 strategic places;
  • Learn to create Groups on LinkedIn, the single most important, profit generating features on Linkedin.  Lewis Howes attributes this strategy to his building a list of 27,000 people and forming several top businesses in the sports industry;
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn applications to increase your exposure and visibility online and drive traffic to your site.
  • Learn how to build a powerful professional network by creating events—a strategic tool that is often overlooked and is a key ingredient to steady business growth;
  • Learn how to indentify targeted connections and influential contacts on LinkedIn that may lead to new clients and potential, lasting partnerships;

As you see, I’ve created and designed a Social Media program that is packed with high-quality information designed specifically to get you started now; seeing results; and achieving your goals!

All you have to do to receive this training is put your name and email in the Opt-in box.  I will send you this exclusive social media video training series…and it is yours to keep!

I would also LOVE your feedback.  Please comment below and let me know how this has helped you.  And please share this post with others who could also benefit!

To your unstoppable success,

Laura DeMeo

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Join me today and get all my secrets in your inbox!

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