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Hi! We had a HUGE turnout last night for the FREE 30 Day Social Media Success Program Webinar and even better feedback.  If you missed it, here’s the recorded version for you…(see below)

To sign up for our FREE program simply go to and answer the 9 questions.  We’ll be filling up the 10 seats quick so don’t waste a second!

What others are saying…

“I’m excited to take my business to the next level and be a part of it!”

~ Dallas Cyr

“Unsy you maniac! lol  This program looks incredible and I’m in 100%…you better save me one of those 10 seats buddy!”

~Kyle Stevens

“Laura, I thought your webinar was fantastic!!  Even for a guy that has zero knowledge of social media.  Completed your survey as well.  I’m really looking forward to working with you.”

~Michael Sullivan

Video Summary:

Webinar replay:

Social media is literally changing the world we live in right before our eyes.  It’s changing how we communicate, the media, and completely revolutionizing the way that we do business.

Facebook just passed the giant Google for having the largest market share of traffic online and that is just one indicator of how large the social media wave really is.

The bottom line is that our future customers are growing up tweeting, texting, and living & breathing this stuff every day.  If we don’t focus on learning and implementing it now, we’ll not only miss out on a huge revenue opportunity but we’ll be left out in the cold as our competitors pass us by.

Also– our future customers aka “Generation Y” are now a population that is LARGER than the “Baby Boomer” population!  96% of generation Y is already on the social networks.

Tapping into social media isn’t just about making money either.  It’s about building relationships and implementing an efficient strategy to make our lives easier not harder.

For example, the old marketing techniques like cold-calling, knocking on doors, print ads, TV ads, and direct mail are becoming less and less effective and they’re not getting any easier or cheaper.

The new marketing approach with social media can help you grow exposure online so that potential prospects and customers CALL YOU for free.  Wouldn’t that be a nice change!

In a recent a fantastic blog post I just saw from Jay Baer at Convince and convert, he brought to my attention a report by Forrester which “points to social media being the fastest growing marketing channel, reaching 3.1 billion by 2014.  The chance to connect with customers is incredibly powerful and presents an amazing opportunity”. The implication is endless.

It’s as clear as day that the timing is perfect, and the potential is unlimited.

How it works…

  • Group learning environment on our new social community
  • Hands on Training
  • Weekly conference calls starting Thursday 3/25/10 7:00pm EST
  • Week 1:  Building your social media strategy, market research, basics of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN
  • Week 2:  Advanced Facebook strategies, building your fan page
  • Week 3:  Advanced Twitter strategies & automation
  • Week 4:  Streamlined strategy management, intro to blogging course

Our goal is to help you…

  • Increase net profits
  • Attract more clients & customers for free
  • Turn customers into friends and increase your referrals
  • Enhance your customer service
  • Brand yourself online within your niche
  • Build viral exposure all over the internet
  • Develop a tribe of raving fans & followers for you and your business
  • Stop wasting money on ads and start building your referral base online

What’s the catch?

Our goal is to choose 10 people for this free 30 day program and create 10 success stories.  That great for you and it’s great for us.  Why?  Because at some point, we’re going to launch a paid version of this training on our social community and we need to prove that these strategies work.

It’s a win/win situation…we help you get results and you’ll help us build trust, credibility, and momentum for our paid version down the road.  The reality is that even though we’ve learned from some of the best trainers in the world (Katie Freiling and Eben Pagan to name a couple)…we need to prove ourselves!  If you were to get this training from a “Guru” you’d pay thousands of dollars and I can guarantee that they won’t offer this level of support and hand holding.

We’ve got a vested interest in your success and we want to help you take action now and get results!

Come join the FREE program…

In an effort to provide the best results possible, Nick and I feel that starting with 10 people is the right size.  It’s a small group and we’ll be able to offer a high level of service each and every day.

So…all you need to do is to watch the webinar and then apply by filling out this quick survey…

This serves as our application.  It’s a simple 9 questions, with 1 question being your name!  The reason is we want to know exactly how we can provide the best service to you.  For example, we don’t want to teach blogging if you’re looking for advanced Facebook training etc.

The more we know about what you want the more we’ll be able to customize the program for you.  Also, we’re looking for success stories and this is a good way to figure out how coachable and committed you are.  We’re looking for like-minded, committed professionals who are willing to put the time and effort into this and want to see results. So what are your thoughts? Are you ready to jump in?  Share your comments below…

Any questions feel free to call me at 732-859-4118 or email me at

To your success,


Laura DeMeo

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Join me today and get all my secrets in your inbox!

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