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Meetups: 7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Group

Most of us are all ready using online social networking giants like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & You Tube. We know that using social media for business is essential for building relationships, brand development and ultimately growing your customer base because they’ve gotten to know, like, and trust you!

But, in the midst of all the communications, advertisements, and noise out there in the social media landscape, how can stand apart from the rest in your industry?   I want to share with you a great resource that will you get noticed!

Have you heard of Meetup?  Most likely you have—as they have over 7.2 million members and 250,000 monthly Meetups.    So my next question is:  are you an active member of any Meetup groups—or better yet—an organizer of your own Meetup?  If you said no, then read further—I have good reason why Meetups can add value to you, your business, and those around you!

Let’s start with a quick overview of what exactly is a Meetup.  It is the world’s largest network of local groups.  The groups are made up of people with similar interests, passions, hobbies, or professional skills.  So you could have a group sharing an interest in learning how to knit… or a group meeting for a biking ride… or you might find a group that is all about Social Media– with discussions based on the latest technology, tips, and Trends.

The main point is that Meetups are designed for local “in-person” gatherings.  Though online networking is very important, there is no substitute for interacting with people face to face!   I have rarely regretted going to a local in person networking event even if I did not see benefits immediately.

Why should start your own meet up for businessHere are 7 powerful reasons:

1. Establish credibility and authority– organizing a Meetup gives you the opportunity to lead and position yourself as an expert in your industry

2. Connect directly with your target market—Getting in front of the right audience is the first step and essential for every business.  When first creating your Meetup online, you are prompted to list related topics that members that would interest potential members of your group

3. In-person connections— more opportunities may develop through face to face meetings.   Here you have the ability to make eye contact and read observe body language which can give you more insight about that person.

4. Word of mouth referrals— people are more inclined to send business your way if they know you, like you, and Trust you.   The element of doing business in person may make a greater impact and lasting impression.

5. Build your email list— every time a new member joins groups, you also get their email address.  Everyone knows that building your list is your greatest asset.  This allows you to further develop relationships and build rapport with your audience… and build trust so they will want to do business with you

6. Grow your network— with over 7 + Million members of Meetup, people are always searching for new groups to join with other like-minded people.  By creating a group (and being active), you will grow your network.   I asked a very successful real estate professional recently what made her so successful and the top producer while so many other realtors are struggling.  She said the reason is she has “built a large network”.  One of my favorite quotes from Robert Kiyosaki (famous author “Rich Dad Poor Dad”) is that the most successful people have the largest networks.

7. Joint ventures and partners— you may meet new people who are also experts in the same niche or market.  Rather than view them as competition, why not form a partnership on a new project?  Two head are better than one. I talk more about the power of masterminds here.

So now that you have 7 solid reasons for why you should create your Meetup go and start one in your area!   Next, you will want to set up your new Meet up group.

10 ways to optimize your Meetup for best results

1.  Write a detailed description of your Meetup.  As you are getting started, you will be guided step by step how to set up your meet up group.  Be sure to complete all the sections with pertinent information about your group.  Fill out the “About” section and describe the purpose of your meet up and why people would want to join.

2. Schedule your Meetup—choose a date and venue and put it on the calendar.   New members will know exactly where and when to find you!

3. Integrate with social networks- Meet up now has a now feature which allow you to integrate messages with Facebook and Twitter.  Integrating social media platforms are a very powerful way to cross promote your group and increase exposure for your business.

4. Share photos and videos– Make your Meetup page as dynamic! Enhance interaction through photos and videos

5. Promote your meet-up—Meetup makes it easy to 1) invite your friends 2) Invite other Meetup members, and my favorite—post your Meetup to Craigslist!

6. Email to you members— Once new members join, stay in touch and send emails to you members with relevant news announcements or important updates.    The organization also does a great job in helping to promote all the groups in the local area—including yours!

For example, I just got an email that says “Your Brielle Meetup Calendar: 132 Meetups this week!”

7. Invite sponsors to support your groups— Meetup will send you an email if a sponsor makes an offer.  For example, a sponsor might provide a place for a Meetup, pay money to support your group, or offer free products, coupons, or discounted services.  I have not done this yet, but it is worth a try!

8. Brand your Meetup page— further develop your brand by customizing your page with a theme, photos, logo, or design with your company colors

9. Post messages on Discussion board— Keep the group alive with by posting relevant topics for discussion!

10. Create a survey—the best way to grow your group is to give what you your target market wants! Ask your members to take a brief survey. Explain why their participation is appreciated and instrumental maximizing their Meetup experience.  There are lots of great free services- the one I use and like is

Case Study:  Race Twitch Club

Here is real example of how we are using Meetup to build community and grow Race Twitch!

As a way of bringing the endurance sports community together, creating added value, and developing the Race Twitch Brand, we have created the Race Twitch Club Meetup.  We will be rolling our out first meeting in NYC on October 13th at Bills Restaurant.

The goal of our group is to provide a content oriented format with new discussions, ideas, training tips, upcoming races, regular guest speakers, and sponsors to support our members.  It is also place for making new connections — locally and nationally as we evolve and roll out Race Twitch Club Meetups throughout the U.S.     In fact, we’ve already captured interest from our audience to open up Race Twitch Club Meetups in 6 other locations (San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, Boston, Houston, and Atlanta!)

As I mentioned, each of our Race Twitch Club Meetup venues will include a prominent featured speaker.

For example, we have been able to promote our first Meetup event and generate lots of interest with our guest speaker, Jennifer Steinman– director and film maker of the 4-desert series, “Racing the Planet”.   She will be sharing the amazing (and tragic) journeys of 10 ultra distance runners as they run 150 miles in 7 days through each of the  four toughest deserts: Gobi, Sahara, Antarctica, Atacoma– inarguably the driest, hottest, windiest, coldest places on EARTH!

This has caught the attention of our audience of endurance athletes!  But, I suspect the momentum of our Meetups will pick up after our first meeting!

As you can see we are leveraging The Meetup platform to help build the Race Twitch community of endurance athletes and to further develop the Race Twitch brand.    Are you starting to now see the potential for using Meetups for your company?

Make sure you check back to this blog for the latest updates as we track the success and growth of our Race Twitch club Meetup!  We are in the initial phases and our goal is provide as much value as possible for our members as we grow and branch out!

If you enjoy running (short or long distances), biking, triathlons (sprint or Ironmans and beyond), hiking, kayaking, cross country skiing—you name it… then go here now join our Race Twitch Club for the latest event and updates… and come join us at our next Meetup!

Now it is your turn to start your own Meetup.  You’ll notice over time that new people with similar interests and passions will continue to join your Meetup.   Watch how your group evolves and your business explodes as a result!

My recommendation is that you stay active, regularly update your Meet up page, and take advantage of all the resources available in the Meetup site!   And remember the key advantage and benefit of creating your Meetup group is that Face- to- Face connection—so makes sure you are meeting with your members in person to get the best results and overall experience!

I’d love to hear about your results!  Please comment below and share your success stories as well as any tips you might have!

To your Success,

Laura DeMeo

How Your Words Will Get What You Want

"It's Not What You Say, It's What People Hear"

How do you feel when you hear these 3 words, I Get It?   Do you immediately relax? I certainly do.  We all want to feel understood whether communicating with a spouse, friend, business partner, and companies we buy product and services from.

In a fast paced, competitive marketplace, where business are vying for the attention of their target market and trying to create a loyal customer base, these 3 words alone, “I Get It”, can make or break a business.

I Get It— This is was the opening tip, technique and messaging tool I learned from a recent  interview with Dr. Frank Luntz, author of hugely influential book and personal favorite (that sits on my night table), Words That Work, It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear.

Dr. Frank Luntz is also a nationally recognized, award winning corporate messaging and public affairs consultant for over 30 fortune 100 companies, helping them with navigate through this economic climate and connect more closely with their customers—something that we are all trying to do, right?

The information he shared in this interview is as practical and as real world as it gets.  And I am going to share with you these golden nuggets I learned from this paid exclusive interview.   If you will apply this in your business, you will attract and keep a lifetime of customers.

Here is an overview of the concepts we will cover in today’s post in no particular order:

  • Why having the mindset of “I Get It” will connect you with more customers, get you what you want, and explode your business as a result
  • A discussion of what your customers really want and their emotional hot buttons
  • Rules of effective language
  • Secrets to message development
  • Words that Work (key powerful words and phrases that will get you want in any situation)

As Dr. Luntz observes, there seems to be a level of anxiety, fear, and a feeling that those things that are big, elite, and in control of our lives are more distant now than ever before—that institutions we once looked up to such as government or sports teams we follow or religion we practice or the news that we read —- why are all those things we feel disconnected or distrusting of?

One single tip Dr. Frank Luntz shared immediately that made sense to me and that will help you connect with and gain the trust of your customers are the words “I get it”. As a business owner or entrepreneur, if you demonstrate to your customers that YOU Get It:  3 mutually beneficial things happen:

1.    You are communicating that you understand their needs and concerns

2.    You are lowering their decibel level which allows you to begin to communicate exactly what you understand from them

3.    You connect closer to your customer and communicate exactly what your target market wants to hear.

As a social media specialist, I can tell you that these words should be on the forefront of every one of your social marketing campaigns.

Starbucks for example has mastered this concept and has leveraged the “I Get It” philosophy in each of their social media marketing projects… it is no wonder their business continues to skyrocket and now has millions of loyal fans and customers who will spend $4.00/day on a Frapuccino!

In Dr. Luntz book, Words that Work, he says the following:

“You can have the best message in the world, but the person on the receiving end will always understand it through the prism of his or her own emotions, preconception, prejudices, and preexisting beliefs.  It is not enough to be correct or reasonable or even brilliant.  The key to successful communication is to put yourself right into your listener’s shoes to know exactly what they are thinking and feeling (what are their biggest fears, frustrations, hopes, and aspirations?  How that person perceives what you say is even more REAL, at least in a practical sense, how you perceive yourself.

So what does this mean for your business?

The words that you choose in your communications or marketing campaign will influence how our customers perceive your product or service– and will impact their buying decision.  Dr. Luntz refers to this as “return on language”

A return on language is about applying the best possible messaging at the right occasions to change the way people perceive information.

Let’s look at some examples- what sounds better?  “Drilling for oil” or “drilling for energy exploration”?  Negative attitude or “Strive to create positive impact” Or how about Facebook’s language change from “Fan” to Like”?

Can you see how the words alone can bring on a whole new perception?  How can you change your marketing messages for a more positive impact?

As an entrepreneur or business owner, using the right words or phrases will help you:

  • Connect more effectively
  • Be heard more effectively
  • Get your message out more effectively to get the results you want

How Does This Apply To Your Communications Using Social Media?

Very simply—every interaction you make on the social networks must have your customer’s needs in mind.  Whether you are tweeting on Twitter, posting on your Fan page, writing on your blog, or connecting on other social networks, ask yourself first how are you adding value or solving their problem?

As you do this consistently over time, you will gain recognition in your market, build trust, credibility, and ultimately increase your influence with your prospects so they will want to do business with you.

In later posts, we will cover in more detail effective communication strategies on the specific social networks so you continue to develop relationships, build more followers/fans, drive traffic to your sites, and skyrocket your business!

How To Get More Clients For Your Business

Your prospective customers, who don’t know you, don’t like you (yet), or trust you (yet) are focused on one primary objective:  Getting the RESULTS they want.

Your products and services come between them and the results they want.  As a business owner/ entrepreneur or service professional, you will add more value by focusing on the results or solution your customer is seeking–  Using Words That Focus On Emotional Hot Buttons.

The more you can connect emotionally, the more likely they will buy from you.   The ways you do this is to dig deeper and ask questions about their biggest fears, challenges, hopes, and aspirations.

If you are not engaging your prospects (online using social networks or in person) and being genuine and truly interested, then you will get nowhere and waste your time.

The better you understand, or “Get” your customers needs, the better solution provider you will be.   But it is not enough to know what their trigger points are, you need to WHEN it happens so you know where the solution point exists, not just the pain points.

Here are some specific examples of probing questions that I ask my clients during consulting sessions and also that Dr. Luntz uses to get inside the minds of his audience when conducting focus groups.

You can apply these same questions to better understand your prospects or clients (i.e. conduct online surveys/polls, consultation sessions etc)


What are your biggest fears and challenges?

What makes you angry?

What is happening with a product or service?

Define your challenge to me.  Explain it.

Explain what you feel that your fist begins to clench or that your feel a chemical change in you.

What causes this to happen?

This will help when, how that moment gets triggered… and what triggers it.


What are your hopes and aspirations?

What is your dream?

Think of your life at perfection—where are you?

Who are you with?

What are you doing?

Even in uncertain economic times, the product or service that is aspirational and that evokes a positive image will have a greater impact than something that is negative.

The Balm Is More Powerful Than The Pain…

All these questions are designed to help you become the problem solver.  If you have a solution to the problem you are untouchable right now.

Here are four key words that word master, Dr. Frank Luntz  gave to us in his exclusive interview… if you haven’t already taken notes, make sure you get out your pen and paper and write this down:

Why, There, So That

If you want connect with your target market and have an overall construct of the best message in 80 percent of the cases you’re in, use these 4 words:

Why Is The Problem, Therefore Is The Solution And So That Is The Impact

I’m hungry & Thirsty because I’ve been biking for 5 hours in 90 degrees, humid conditions.  Therefore I’m going to have an ice cold recovery drink so that I replenish my hydration and feel great!

That’s the why, therefore, so that.  Or problem, solutions, impact

Now you try.  Describe your customer’s problem. Then practice constructing a message that solves the problem.

5 Emotional HOT Buttons That Connect You To Your Audience

As discussed earlier, the more you can connect emotionally with your target the more likely they will buy from you.  Dr. Luntz summarizes where your customers are with these 5 aspirations:

1.    More money

2.    More Time

3.    More Choices

4.    Less hassles

5.    No worries

How To Apply These Aspirations To Your Business

In your communications–whether you are creating a social media marketing campaign, doing a product launch, giving a presentation, or networking with your prospects, you should connect your product or service with these aspirations.

By doing this, you are connecting to exactly what your audience wants—and you will attract new customers and get results

Rules Of Effective Language

When I was growing up my father always stressed the importance of having good communication skills no matter what business you are in.

Every day we are contending with a large flux of communication—whether it be advertisement, music, emails, text messages, meetings, conversations… and now more than ever–  social networks.

Social sites such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn has become the fastest growing and predominant form of communication and the most effective marketing tools for business. It has also grown noisier.  With a fast-paced social media landscape growing bigger daily—how do you stand out amid all this chatter?

Using Words That Work…

Now more than ever, the rules of communication have become especially important given the sheer volume of communication we have to contend with everyday.  The words we choose can make a huge difference and determine success or failure— and can differentiate you from your competition.

In Dr. Luntz interview and bestselling book, he shares the following 10 rules of effective communication.   The same exact rules apply when communicating online with Social media.   In my 3-part social marketing guide, “Social Media Triathlon”, I discuss the social media mindset and 10 rules to follow to ensure social media success.

To access the video training and downloadable presentation, enter your name and email on right side of the page. Click here:

These Rules Also Overlap With My Rules For Social Media Success

1.    Simplicity: use small words—it should be simple enough for an 8th grader to understand.  Examples of effective Kellogg’s Rice Krispy marketing logos: “Snap”, “crackle”, “pop”

2.    Brevity: use short sentences.  Think of a tweet where you are forced to write in under 160 characters.  Be concise and brief and think of “sound bites”.

3.    Credibility: use statistics to back up your argument or statement.

4.    Consistency:  keep your message consistent and repeat across all the social networks to maximize your branding

5.    Novelty: offer something new.  If it is original, it will be more memorable and stick in the minds of your customer.  Try creating an original marketing promotion on your fan page or create a “Sweepstakes” campaign on your fan page

6.    Sound & Texture: use words that conjure up an image; Crashing sounds of an ocean wave

7.    Aspirational: messages need to say what people want to hear.  A successful aspirational message should trigger an emotional hot button.  For example, Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech—spoke of hope.  If you are sending out a tweet or updating a Facebook post, share a positive quote.

8.    Visualization: use words that paint a vivid picture.  For example: M&M’s slogan “Melts in your mouth”.    When using social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, blogs etc.) add pictures and videos whenever possible. It is much more powerful.

9.    Ask a question: this is one of the most powerful yet underutilized communication tools.  Asking questions stimulates the brain to think and naturally want to answer a question—it incites interaction.  This works very well with social media—For example, the best way to engage and elicit responses with friends and fans on Facebook is to ask questions and be genuinely interested.

10.   Context and Relevance: it is important to tell them the “why” of a message to give the message meaning.  Without this context, you cannot establish the message’s value. Explain the “why” before the “therefore” and “so that”.

Are you starting to see the real power here?  You can literally skyrocket your business to whole new levels just by:  the words you use; creating the right messages; and most importantly understanding your customers’ needs and communicate by demonstrating you do indeed “Get It”.

Once you truly master these principles described in this post, you will able to apply these elements in all your communications especially in your social media marketing strategies —and become more effective and powerful as a result.

I hope you found all this information useful for your business!  I know I certainly learned a lot from this interview with communications expert, Dr. Frank Luntz.

I would love to hear from you!  What has been your experience (what has been working for you?)  How can constructing the right words and messages impact your business?

Please share with the community by commenting below!

And if you got a lot of value here, please share this with your friends and colleagues on FB, or Twitter!   They will thank you for it!

To your Success!

Laura DeMeo

7 Steps To Form A Powerful MasterMind

7 Steps To Form A Powerful MasterMind

The Power of a Master Mind

No Great Power and Success can be achieved without The Power of the Mastermind”—Napoleon Hill

In one of the most legendary books, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill explicitly describes this concept of the Master Mind as “the coordination of knowledge and effort, in the spirit of Harmony between two or more people, for the purpose of attaining definite purpose”.

This principle that two heads is better than one always made so much sense to me, but it was not until I began to study the teachings of Eben Pagan, an online information product marketing Genius, that I really “GOT  IT”.   Once I learned how to build and participate in a Mastermind (with people FAR ahead of me in business)—it became one of the most profound ongoing business and personal experiences.

What is a MasterMind?

Eben describes it is a group of people that gets together on a regular basis to support each other and to help create success.   It is a dedicated group who share similar values, perspectives, and interests, and who understand that the power of the group mind is exponentially more powerful than the sum of the individual minds.

I recently participated in a Program series called “Connected”, coordinated and instructed by Eben Pagan and Dave Logan, communications expert and author of bestselling “Tribal Leadership” and “3 Laws of Performance”.   It was an incredible program about “How To Get Access to Anyone, And Build A Powerful, Profitable Business Network”.

One session in particular focused on the art of HOW to create a Mastermind the RIGHT way.

This information is GOLD and I am going to share with you the secrets that not only did I learn, but I have incorporated into my life… and has made a tremendous impact as I started my new business.

7 Steps on How To Start and Facilitate a MasterMind Group:

1.  Find 6 other people that YOU will help facilitate a Mastermind.  The key here is to find 6 people that are at least 3-5 years ahead of where you are now in business or in your personal life.  Remember, you are here to grow to new levels.

2.  Contact each of the key players you have in mind.  Tell them you are starting a MasterMind Group and that the group will meet once a week for 1 hour or 90 minutes in person.    It is important that you tell them you are the facilitator and will handle all the administrative nuts and bolts.    Members can just show up—hassle free.

3.  Ask a key player if they know someone who they would like to invite.  Once you have at least two confirmed Anchors (or strong players), then inviting the others will become easier just by mention the names and credentials of these people.

Consider forming MasterMinds in each area in your life—not just business; for example, start a group that will support your Physical health/fitness goals.  I have several mastermind groups.

4.  Set up the time/ location.  If your meetings are virtual, set up a free conference call number.  This is an amazing free service that will host and record your calls.

5.  Let everyone know what time the meeting begins and that you will wait until everyone shows up before you begin.  This will provide some accountability.  No one wants to be that person to hold the meeting up!

6.  Choose 1 person who will be the first person to go.  Have them state their biggest challenge, obstacle, or roadblock.  THEN state their biggest opportunity.

The rest of the group takes the full hour to brainstorm on how to help that person remove their obstacle and to take advantage of their opportunity.

7.  Rotate each week the group.  Each week ONE of the members is the FOCUS of the Brainstorming his/her biggest challenge and greatest opportunity.  Over a 13 week period, each member will have gone through the rotation twice (1 quarter).   In a one year time frame, each person will rotate through the group 8 times.

It is that simple.  Participating in a Master Mind could potentially be the best action you can take to create change, accelerate growth and success that you never thought possible.

One question that you may have is:  How are you contributing VALUE if everyone else is much more evolved and successful than you?

Remember you are the facilitator and organizer of the group.    You handle every detail (keep track of time, take notes, record the cal etc) that no one else wants to bother with—that is why they have not initiated a Mastermind.   Your contribution is to carefully select the TOP minds and to make sure the meetings run smoothly and hassle free.

The Benefit to you….

You will get to absorb and learn from the brightest minds– all focused on helping and brainstorming for the other members.   Not only will this provide a profound business education, you will experience personal growth just by surrounding yourself with people who are much more successful.

A key element here is to consciously connect and associate with people who are already there where you want to go. Every day we are influenced by our peers, advertisements, news media etc.  We are conditioned to think, act, and actually be what is happening all around us.

It has been said that you are a reflection of the average of your 5 closest friends.

Odds are that your financial status is the same as the average your 5 best friends.   Chances are that your weight is the same as the average of your 5 closest friends.

You literally become who you hang out with.  So if you want to become very successful in business, then start a mastermind group with people who are already successful and are making things happen.  They will PULL you up to new standards.

So here is your exercise:  Plan and execute your own MasterMind Group.

  1. Identify 10-12 people who are 3-5 years ahead of you that are sharp, proven, and highly successful.
  2. Call each person and tell them that you are starting a MasterMind and will be the facilitator.  Tell them you are handling all the nitty gritty details – they just show up with their brain power.
  3. Ask each person if they know someone who they would recommend to join the group.  Settle on 6 people not including you.
  4. Start the MasterMind sessions and experience your own personal evolution.

I hope this is helpful for you.  Please help out the community by commenting below and share your tips for facilitating a MasterMind.   Tell us what your experience has been and how you make it better.

To your Success,

Laura DeMeo

How To Be A Social Media Triathlete Superstar

The question is no longer, Are you using Social Media to market your business? It’s, How smart and effective is your Social Media strategy?

If you do not have a targeted Social Media plan in place or if you are just dabbling in social Media with no purpose or clear strategy, you are missing out on massive opportunities that could transform your business … and they are sitting right in front of you.

If you’re like most people, you know that social marketing is an essential component to the growth of your business, but you may feel completely overwhelmed, confused, or even lost when it comes to actually implementing it.

This is so understandable! Social Media is changing so fast. New things are thrown at us every day and it truly is nearly impossible to keep up!  Unless this is your specialty, you just don’t have the time to figure it all out on your own.

The reality is that your competitors, clients, and prospects have already caught on to the social media movement and are surging ahead, passing you by as your business remains stagnant or possibly treading water because you are still stuck on ways to get started.

Imagine making a few simple shifts in your business…and, over the next several months, having a thriving business—where customers seek you out because they want to do business with you.

Would you like to get hundreds of new customers without spending a lot of your time and money– just by word of mouth…from people who already know, like, and trust you?

What about your very own social media road map that cuts through all the noise and gets results for you—no question. Would you like that?

Who wouldn’t, right? Well, it is completely within your grasp—no matter how shaky your social media foundation is right now.

The Solution:

You can now gain access to my exclusive, free, 3-part Social Media Triathlon video series that will literally catapult your business to unchartered levels of success–if you follow its training.

In this series, I give you the most comprehensive training on the big three social networking sites: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  It has everything you need to know to start generating  results.

I give you soup-to-nuts instruction on the basics of getting started all the way through implementing a strategy for building a powerful business.

Over the past couple of months, I have gone to extremes to synthesize an extraordinary amount of information that would make anyone’s head spin… and distill it into digestible chunks so you can understand it and take action now. The most techno-phobic business owner can get this!!

I truly am so excited to share this training series with you because I know how much it will help transform your business.  As you get to know me, you’ll realize that I give 100 % to everything I do and with purpose.  That’s how I’ve managed to race in Ironman triathlons and qualify to compete in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii

This 3-part Social Media triathlon series is no different.

Special “Live” Bonus presentation with LinkedIn expert, Lewis Howes, shows how to build 6-figure income using Linkedin

I have to say, I REALLY raised the bar with the special LinkedIn presentation you get. LinkedIn expert, Lewis Howes, agreed to provide an EXCLUSIVE training just for my audience alone and I have to say, this is truly a special gift! I am not kidding when I say there is a waiting list of those wanting to hear how he built a 6-figure income using LinkedIn alone… and how you can too!  I can assure you he doesn’t hold back any information!

How This Social Media Triathlon Series Directly Helps You

Here are a few highlights from the training. Learn:

Twitter Domination:

  • How to build a powerful network by capitalizing on the 100 million-plus Twitter users so you establish yourself as an authority in your field;
  • How to avoid the top 10 Mistakes rookies on Twitter make that cost you business;
  • How to use Twitter to drive massive traffic to your website and increase lead generation and sales;
  • Five specific tools to manage and automate your business on Twitter without spending more time and money;
  • How to get your people to spread your business through word of mouth marketing
  • How to set up and optimize your profile and craft a killer bio, using key-rich words for brand positioning;
  • How to build your credibility and reputation by becoming an editorial source;
  • How to create and use Twitter Lists to connect with your top influential people
  • How to get started today with an action plan so you start seeing results

Facebook Marketing Goldmine:

  • Learn how to leverage the largest social networking site in the world—with 500 million other users;
  • Understand the social media mindset and see how knowing this will accelerate your success and separate you from the pack;
  • Learn how to capitalize on the latest changes on Facebook, which are fundamentally transforming how we communicate on the internet;
  • Get the most up-to-date, cutting edge information that most people don’t know for converting prospects to customers;
  • Learn to create and maximize your profile the right way, using key-rich words so you get noticed and increase your search engine rankings;
  • Distinguish the difference between personal profile, groups, and fan page and why having a fan page is essential… and why there is no more reason to have groups;
  • Learn the 7 specific steps to setting up a compelling fan page so you can start getting results today;
  • Learn 13 specific ways to promote your fan page that will result in exponential growth of your fan base
  • Learn how to add friends the right way so you build lasting relationships that may turn into customers and/ or strategic partners;
  • Learn how to use Facebook “applications” to customize your fan page that will drive more traffic back to your site;
  • Learn how to manage your network by creating “friends lists” so you stay focused, organized and on the radar of the top of the most important people;
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Mastering LinkedIn:

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  • Learn how to build a powerful professional network by creating events—a strategic tool that is often overlooked and is a key ingredient to steady business growth;
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As you see, I’ve created and designed a Social Media program that is packed with high-quality information designed specifically to get you started now; seeing results; and achieving your goals!

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